Tuesday, August 20, 2013


“…in my father’s house…” such was the phrase proceeding out of a prodigal boy’s mouth, having just realized that he was a fool but I say, he was a compound fool. “For he who does not know and knows not that he does not know is a compound fool”. He was at his father’s house where there was provision for all; thereby made him to own it all. Little did he know the wealth of knowledge in the house for him to learn from, so, he decided to acquire his own portion of inheritance from his father and left for a strange city where he changed level from owning it all to losing it all before coming back to his senses.
Come along with me as we explore what a great deal of wisdom and knowledge awaited him to suck up into himself from the house but instead, he made off from them all for frivolities of life.
The very first thing to note is the fact that in the father’s house, there are rights, privileges and responsibilities for him as a son. His eyes were only on the rights and privileges and not on the responsibilities. He had the privilege to demand for his rights and also to either fulfill or neglect his responsibilities, so, he made his choice. But it will amaze you to discover that it was in his responsibilities as a son rested the procedural steps to develop and make him fit, capable and ready to handle judiciously his inheritance to continuously multiply maximally. How foolish he was. If only he had known earlier, he wouldn’t had taken such a stupid step which only when retraced could earn him just the upkeep till his father pass on. So, here comes the question for you, “where is your father’s house?”  Is it your office, rented apartment, class, parent’s house, or the business you are managing for someone else? Whatever platform it is, know that there are privileges, rights and responsibilities therein for you but focus more on carrying out your responsibilities well enough for that is your making and building platform for your own future fulfillment. Remember Joseph going through the enmity in his father’s house, serving his foreign master and living in the prison. In it all, he was hopeful and cheerfully discharging his mandated duties, in that way, getting his heart cultured not to hold offense against anyone for they were only tools to shaping him as an instrument in God’s hand for an appointed time. That was why he could say to his brothers at the end that, “…fear not: for am I in the place of God?  But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive…” What a correct and perfect state of heart?


One of the secrets lying behind the way we live our lives is the sense of vision. Both the poor and the rich make decisions that make them who they are based on what they can see. We make decisions based on what we have seen whether through our eyes, ears or skins, for these are gates of entrances to our hearts. The real vision isn’t what your eyes can gaze at but what your heart can perceive. Take for example; when you have a dead pig lying behind your backyard, there are various forms of actions that might likely be taken. If you happened to be a banker, a doctor or an architect by profession, you have a high tendency to see the dead pig as a nuisance littering and polluting the environment, thus, make an arrangement to get rid of it from the environment whether through burning, burying or proper disposal. While on the other hand, if you had been a fish-farmer, a cash crop farmer or an agricultural researcher, you might have likely seen the dead pig as a feed for your fish, manure for your farmland or a specimen for your research work respectively. Yet, it is the same dead pig been gazed at but seen differently based on the perception of the heart. The question is, what are you gazing at and how do you see it? The question of “what” is a function of where you are, what you’ve been through and what you are experiencing while that of “how” goes beyond that. It demands a procedural making process to cultivate and culture your heart to have a correct and accurate perception and definition of where you are, what you have been through and what you are going through. So, the golden demand is what is the state of your heart?